Planning to sell your house soon? Consider upgrading the lawn with a synthetic putting green in San Antonio, TX before putting it on the market. It takes something special for buyers to choose one property with so many available on the market. Set yours apart by improving the backyard with safe, beautiful and low-maintenance synthetic turf perfect for landscapes, putting greens and more.

How an Artificial Putting Green Raises Home Value

Replacing real grass with synthetic turf and adding a putting green amenity is a surefire way to make it stand out from the rest of the properties in your area. Below are several ways that turf can boost home value:


    1. It improves the property’s aesthetics.For many buyers, first impressions definitely last. The way a place looks from the outside indicates how the previous owner cared for their property. A well-manicured lawn is a good sign of what you can expect from the home, which a yard full of dead grass and bare spots doesn’t say positive things about the property.

      Installing artificial grass in San Antonio, TX gives you a lawn that stays beautiful all year long. It looks green, fresh and healthy without unsightly weed overgrowth, brown patches and uneven surfaces.


    1. It requires minimal maintenance.It’s no secret that maintaining a natural lawn can be exhausting, not to mention costly. A lot of home buyers would love to have a maintenance-free lawn that stays lushly green all the time. Being able to move into a property that already has such a feature can make a big difference in their decision.

      In addition to the minimal maintenance required by artificial turf in San Antonio, TX, artificial lawns also feature an excellent drainage system. No more tracking mud, dirt and bacteria when it rains, which adds to the effortless maintenance of both the house and the yard.


    1. It makes the yard more fun.Approximately 8 percent of the US population are golf enthusiasts. There’s a big chance that you might stumble upon a buyer who happens to love golf, and a putting green adds heaps of appeal to the property.

      Golfer or not, however, having a putting green in the backyard is always a plus. It’s an excellent bonding opportunity for family and guests while adding all the perks that come with turf.


Boost Home Value with Artificial Turf

The longer your house stays in the market, the harder it is to market the property. You need that wow factor that will make your property the best choice among the rest of the market. Turf landscapes and putting greens in San Antonio, TX, can do wonders for your property’s value. To get started with the project, call San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros today at 726-900-7198, and let’s talk about your project.