Level up your residential landscaping with artificial turf in San Antonio, TX! It looks and feels like the real thing, so it won’t look out of place on your property. Additionally, most of the problems that plague natural landscapes don’t affect synthetic grass. In particular, you’ll never have to worry about these four residential landscape issues once your installation is done.

4 Landscape Problems Solved by Artificial Turf

Use synthetic turf in your setup and you’ll never have to deal with these frustrating landscape problems:

1. Erosion

This happens when your landscape has slopes and steep inclines. The exposed soil in the areas that do not have trees or plants, in particular, tends to loosen.

Synthetic turf covers the ground completely, so it helps keep the dirt compact. Expert installers will also level the ground, remove debris and apply other precautions to ensure the base of your synthetic backyard is stable.

2. Dead Grass

Poor soil and inadequate sunlight are the most common causes of dead grass. Fixing them usually involves tedious tasks, such as applying fertilizer regularly. For the latter, you’ll have to remove what’s casting shade on the turf. With synthetic grass in San Antonio, your lawn will stay uniformly green for years.

3. Pests and Insects

Grubs and bugs that eat and take shelter in natural grass can wreak havoc on a lawn. The critters that eat them also add to the problem. Fortunately, they’ll never find food, shelter or breeding grounds on your new artificial yard. This will dramatically reduce the pest population on your property.

4. Weeds

Expert installers can fit synthetic turf with a weed barrier to curb the growth of unwanted plants. This reduces, if not eliminates, the need for weedicides. As a result, you can add a beautiful lawn to your landscape without investing in toxic chemicals.


Other Benefits of Artificial Turf for Homeowners

Preventing landscaping problems is not the only thing you can look forward to with synthetic turf. Here are the other ways you can benefit from artificial grass in San Antonio, TX:

  • Experts can install it on various surfaces, such as wood and concrete. They can also lay it down on slopes, steep inclines and other uneven surfaces. The design possibilities are endless!
  • You can get creative with its applications. Feel free to use it to create a putting green, spruce up your patio and more.
  • Synthetic turf can accommodate bulky outdoor furnishings, such as benches and lawn statues. High foot traffic and harsh weather conditions can’t damage it either.
  • Synthetic turf is a breeze to maintain compared to natural grass. Spend more time enjoying your outdoor space than trying to keep it alive.

Let’s Get Started with Artificial Turf!

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