If you’re planning a backyard renovation, replacing natural grass with synthetic grass in San Antonio should be on top of your list!

Unlike the real thing, it’s easy to integrate artificial grass into residential landscapes. That means you neither have to spend a lot of money on lawn care products nor wait for a long time for natural turf to grow. With the help of professional installers, you can give your backyard a picture-perfect lawn in just a matter of days!

San Antonio homeowners also love artificial grass because it’s lush, realistic, durable, dirt-free, hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Not to mention, its maintenance and upkeep is a breeze and it solves frustrating issues in grass lawns for good.

Want to give your backyard a major makeover that goes beyond just covering it with synthetic turf? Get inspired by these incredible residential landscaping designs.

1. Get Creative with Shapes and Colors

Expert installers can modify synthetic grass in San Antonio to make or fit around the most distinct shapes. Take advantage of this to add a unique flair to your landscape. For instance, you can create circle or free-form stepping stones to serve as pathways and surround them with synthetic grass. You can also form geometrical patterns by mixing pavers and artificial turf.

Artificial grass in San Antonio comes in different shades of green and you can use this to give your backyard more personality. You can create a gradient effect by arranging several turf products from the darkest to the lightest tone. Make your synthetic lawn more visually appealing by installing them in wavy lines instead of stripes.

Feel free to come up with your own ideas for artificial grass installations. If you can imagine it, our professional installers can do it! 

2. Stand Out with Terraced Lawns

A terraced lawn is a lawn that has been divided into several sections of differing heights, similar to stairs. It’s a great way to partition a huge backyard without resorting to hedges or dividers. It’s a style that is difficult to achieve with a natural grass lawn because it’s difficult to grow turf consistently at each level. Of course, that’s not an issue with artificial turf in San Antonio, TX.

If you have kids and pets, a terraced lawn will help them get in more varied exercise. Want to up their fun factor? You can turn some of the levels into putting greens, so you can teach your children about your favorite sport or host friendly competitions. Don’t forget to invest in quality synthetic turf to make sure your setup can take excessive foot traffic. 

3. Spruce Up Pools and Ponds

For swimming pools, it’s best to choose artificial grass for pool surrounds that come with superior drainage. You can lay it down in the entire poolside area, intersperse it with paving or use it as pool edging. Go for asymmetrical designs to make it more interesting.

If your pond is modern or contemporary in design (e.g., geometrically shaped, looks like a water fountain, etc.), you can apply the same design ideas for swimming pools. Otherwise, it’s usually best to install your synthetic turf product in a way that makes it look like it grew naturally around your pond. Tuck it in close to your pond’s stone or paved edging. 

4. Attain Inner Peace with a Zen Garden

Turn your backyard into a retreat with lush artificial grass in San Antonio, TX. Use curved edges to channel harmony and add berms or small hills to your setup to create visual interest. But make sure your landscape doesn’t become overwhelmingly green. Remember, it’s all about balance. Provide contrast with hardscapes like sand, gravel, stones and paving.

Better Backyards Begin with Artificial Grass!

If you want a functional, beautiful backyard that’s also low-maintenance, synthetic turf is a natural choice. San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros can help you redesign your current space into one that fits your needs and lifestyle. To help you get started, we’ll throw in a free estimate when you get in touch! Call us today at 726-900-7198 or send us a message here for inquiries and to receive a quote.