Golf is a game of skill and precision and having the right tools can make all the difference. If you are lucky enough to have an artificial putting green in your backyard, adding some simple accessories can significantly improve your practice sessions. 

Here are five items we recommend here at San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros:

• Putting Green Flags

Upgrading to high-quality flags for your San Antonio putting green adds both a professional touch and a practical training aid. Choose flags with bright colors or even fun patterns for easy visibility. Adjusting the position of the flags creates different putting lines and challenges, forcing you to adapt your aim and improve your accuracy.

• Ball Return System

A ball return system is the ultimate time-saver. This addition eliminates the need to walk and retrieve your ball after each putt, maximizing your practice time. Some ball return systems are integrated into the putting green design itself, while others are portable units, allowing for flexible placement.

• Alignment Tools

Alignment tools are your key to consistent, accurate putts. Alignment rods are a classic option – place them strategically to create a visual guide for your putting line and stroke path. Putting mirrors offer instant feedback on your posture and putter face alignment, helping you identify and correct any flaws.

• Slope Training Platforms

Spice up your practice by introducing slopes and breaks! Putting platforms can be adjusted to different angles, simulating the challenges of a real golf course green. Mastering these varying slopes will boost your confidence when it’s time to hit the actual links.

• Training Aids

Explore the world of putting-specific training aids to discover what works best for you. Weighted putters help develop a smooth putting stroke, while digital feedback devices analyze your technique, offering targeted areas for improvement. Swing trainers and putting gates provide instant feedback and help you build muscle memory for a consistent stroke.

• Distance Control Mats

Practice your lag putting and distance control with dedicated mats. These mats often feature marked lines or zones to gauge how far your ball rolls with different levels of power in your stroke. Mastering distance control is just as important as accuracy when it comes to sinking those long putts.

• Stimpmeter

If you’re serious about replicating pro-level green conditions, invest in a stimpmeter. This device measures the speed of your putting green, giving you a numerical value (the “stimp”) that corresponds to the speed of professional courses. Adjusting your practice green speed to match real course conditions takes your practice to the next level.

Get The Most Out Of Your Backyard Putting Green!

At San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros, we are committed to helping you get the most out of your backyard putting green. Whether you need advice on choosing the right accessories or require maintenance services to keep your green in top-notch condition, we are here to help. Give us a call at 408-317-0931 or visit our website to book a free consultation today.