You know that no matter how old your dogs get, they’ll always be a puppy at heart. They’ll want to play outside just as much as ever, but they find it more challenging to get around. The fact that yards can hide things that can harm or give senior dogs a hard time, like uneven ground or sharp objects, doesn’t help. The great news is that artificial grass for pets in San Antonio makes it easy to turn your yard into a senior dog haven.

Things to Consider When Letting Old Dogs Play Outside

Are your dogs starting to slow down due to their age? If so, you need to start considering things that you might never have thought about when they were still puppies.

First of all, senior dogs tend to tire easily, so you’ll need to find exercises that take that change into account. Their muscles will start to weaken and their bones might become more fragile. As a result, they’re less coordinated and more prone to injuries.

Moreover, older dogs can develop various health conditions. These include nerve issues and joint problems like arthritis. Like humans, their mental capacity, hearing and eyesight can also diminish.

Finally, the digestive system of senior dogs can also become more sensitive. Things that could have just given them a mild tummy ache before might land them a trip to the vet.

How Artificial Grass for Pets in San Antonio Can Transform Your Yard Into a Senior Dog Paradise

It’s hard to keep your yard safe and comfortable for your senior dogs—at least until you install artificial grass. Here’s why:

It Creates a Cushioned Surface

Artificial grass is soft and has shock-absorbing properties. This makes it easier on senior dogs’ joints as they walk over it. It also helps reduce any anxiety or discomfort that may come from hard surfaces, like concrete or pavement.

It’s Flat and Even

Senior dogs often have trouble seeing in low light conditions because of cataracts or other vision problems. Artificial grass removes various risks by keeping the ground even and free of tripping hazards. It doesn’t have items that can make walking around dangerous, like rocks or sticks. It has a consistent pile height and density, which is one of the reasons why it’s ideal for putting green in San Antonio, TX.

It’s Allergen-Free

Allergens can cause a range of respiratory issues for senior dogs. This can be a problem in lawns because grass produces pollen and other irritants. Artificial grass is an excellent way to reduce your dog’s exposure to these allergens. It also keeps mold or mildew away that may develop in your yard over time.

It Prevents Weed Problems

Senior dogs also tend to eat grass or weeds when they’re feeling under the weather. Many weeds are toxic to dogs, and they can cause serious side effects when eaten, such as vomiting or diarrhea. Weeds can’t break through artificial grass, so you can keep them away from your dogs.

Turn Your Yard Into a Haven for Your Senior Dog With Artificial Turf in San Antonio, TX

There are plenty of reasons why your senior dogs might need a little extra care and attention. But don’t worry—San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros is here to help!

We offer pet-friendly artificial grass products designed to help keep your dogs safe and comfortable in your yard. We also offer installation and landscaping solutions. If you want to learn more about what we can do for you, please send us a message online or give us a call at 726-900-7198. We’d love to hear from you!