San Antonio residents know that owning a pool can be a double-edged sword. Yes, the luxury of taking a refreshing dip on scorching summer days is unparalleled. Yet, keeping the pool water contamination-free can be an unending battle. 

Common contaminants like lawn chemicals, mud, grass, and debris can wreak havoc on your pool’s cleanliness and, therefore, pose significant health risks. The good news? Upgrading your poolside area with an artificial turf in San Antonio, TX can bring an end to these contaminations. 

Not convinced? Here are nine ways artificial turf keeps the pool water pristine and safe:

1. Gets Rid of Mud and Soil Runoff

Natural lawns harbor loose soil and mud. A casual walk from the lawn to the pool can lead to substantial soil and mud contamination. By eliminating natural grass and the accompanying mud, artificial turf reduces soil runoff into your pool.

2. Prevents Chemical Seepage

Natural grass demands various fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to maintain its lushness. During rains or watering, these chemicals can leach into your pool and contaminate the water. In contrast, artificial turf needs no such chemical inputs, thereby preventing chemical seepage.

3. Reduces Organic Material Debris

Organic debris, like leaves, grass blades, and twigs, can fall from natural lawns into your pool, making the water unsightly and increasing the task of pool maintenance. Synthetic grass doesn’t shed, keeping your pool free from such organic debris.

4. Decreases Algal Blooms

Algal spores can be borne on wind currents and spread throughout the yard, entering your pool from the surrounding grassy areas. Artificial turf in San Antonio, TX does not harbor or promote the growth of algae, helping keep your water algal bloom-free.

5. Minimizes Bacterial and Fungal Growth

Natural grass is a potential host for various bacteria and fungi, which can enter your pool and contaminate the water. Being non-organic, artificial grass does not encourage bacterial or fungal growth, maintaining the hygiene quotient of your pool.

6. Reduces Pet Contaminants

Pets often relieve themselves on grassy spots, and this waste can enter your pool, causing contamination. They can also dig the turf, flinging dirt into the water. Tough artificial grass paired with proper waste management practices can significantly cut down such pet contaminations.

7. Prevents Weed Infestation

Weeds add to the debris and could potentially house harmful insects. The impenetrable backing of artificial turf prevents weeds from sprouting up and contaminating your pool.

8. Mitigates Erosion

Erosion on natural grass lawns can produce dust and free soil particles, which can wind up in your pool. Artificial grass effectively mitigates erosion, keeping your pool clear.

9. Controls Pest Infestation

Some pests residing in natural grass can pose a threat to your pool’s cleanliness. By installing artificial turf in San Antonio, TX, you effectively control pest infestations and thereby decrease contaminant influx.

Keep Your Pool Clean With Artificial Grass

Protecting your pool from various contaminants can feel like an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be. Artificial turf offers an elegant solution. Not only does it enhance the aesthetics of your poolside, but it also works silently and effectively towards keeping your pool water uncontaminated. 

Are you ready to make the change and protect your pool from constant contamination threats? Contact San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros today for a free consultation. We’re your partner for all things synthetic turf. Let’s work together to make your poolside healthier and cleaner. 

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