It’s hard enough trying to keep grass alive on a small residential lawn. Now multiply all that work – mowing, weeding, fertilizing, watering, etc.— for a large, high-traffic outdoor venue. Unless you’re willing to spend a lot of money and time on maintenance, your best bet is switching to artificial turf in San Antonio, TX. For instance, it’s the most practical choice for:

  • Concert grounds
  • Outdoor event paces for weddings, parties, etc.
  • Commercial common areas in shopping areas, schools,
  • Business parks
  • Resorts and hotels
  • And more

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Outdoor Venues

Synthetic grass in San Antonio offers the following benefits for outdoor venues of every type:

    • Durability

      First, outdoor venues experience heavy foot traffic, constant movement and heavy equipment daily. As a result, real lawns can quickly become sparse, patchy or bare.

      In comparison, synthetic turf is tear-resistant and durable. It can handle all of your events without thinning out or losing its vibrance.


    • Low Maintenance

      Unlike real grass, artificial turf in San Antonio, TX is low maintenance. Therefore, no watering or gardening needed to keep it green and lush. Also, the drainage system keeps water and moisture away.


    • Big Savings

      Because it is low maintenance, you save on water, lawn care and . As a result, you can use your extra savings to add new features to your landscaping, such as putting greens.


    • Safety

      Lawn care products, pollen, and pests are harmful to humans and pets. To add, synthetic turf is made of toxic-free fibers. It does not need pesticides or fertilizers to maintain. Also, guests can run or jump around without worrying about slipping.


    • Weatherproof

      Rain or shine, your clients do not have to cancel their event or move it indoors. No matter the season or weather, your grass looks.


    • Customizable

      Artificial turf is customizable depending on your common area needs. Ask your installer to design it around a water feature like a pool or fountain. Also, you can ask for creative layouts combining pathways or concrete pads with turf.


More Reasons to Use Artificial Turf for Outdoor Venues

Above all, you want your guests and customers to enjoy your venue. However, weather changes can affect the ground and grass on their special day. It does not have to be that way when you install artificial grass for your outdoor venues.

As a result, great landscaping will make clients come back to your space in the future. Here’s why:

  • Guests will not encounter mud stains or dust.
  • High heels and shoe spikes do not sink into dirt.
  • Wedding gowns and clean shoes are safe from grass stains.
  • No risk of lawn disease.
  • Guests experience safe, fun and hassle-free events at your venue.

Let’s Get Started with Your Artificial Turf Commercial Installation

Artificial grass in San Antonio, TX is not just ideal for commercial venues, but for any type of business establishment. Interested in artificial grass for your office, school, park and more? Call San Antonio Grass Pros today at 726-900-7198 to discuss your project.