Installing synthetic grass in San Antonio is a great way to save money on lawn maintenance. While you’ll have to spend on it and its installation, that’s nothing compared to the costs of maintaining natural grass. Natural grass requires daily chores like watering, special care like applying pesticides and major upkeep like winterizing. The costs of these tasks can add up to a huge sum over time.

In contrast, artificial grass is a breeze to maintain. Just keep it clean and brush up its synthetic fibers, and it’ll always look good as new. It also doesn’t need any of these costly upkeep tasks, helping you save a lot of money in the long run.


Water is essential in natural grass maintenance. Real lawns need a ton to survive, and if the weather is hot, they might need double the amount they usually need. In the average home, watering natural grass can cost around $500 per year. And that’s just for the water—you’ll also need to invest in equipment like sprinklers, hoses, etc..

Compare that with synthetic grass in San Antonio, which requires nothing more than an occasional power wash to keep it looking good. It’s why it’s perfect for drought-tolerant landscaping.


The average gas mower uses about 5 gallons of gas per hour. That’s about $0.50-$1 per hour—and if you’re mowing for an hour every two weeks, that could add up to $50-100 a year. And that doesn’t even include the cost of electricity and maintenance on your mower.

Artificial grass never needs mowing because it doesn’t grow—it stays short and neat all year long. That means you can retire your mower and allocate the budget meant for its fuel and upkeep to other tasks.


Natural grass needs fertilizer, especially if it grows on soil that doesn’t have enough nutrients for it. You’ll need to do it often, depending on the state of your soil and the type of grass you have.

And that can add up fast. If you’re applying 2 pounds of fertilizer per 1,000 square feet of lawn every year, that’s going to cost you around $50 per year. With a typical household having 5 acres of lawn (or 25 times more than that,) that’s $250 per year just for fertilizers alone!

Artificial turf for putting green in San Antonio, TX doesn’t need fertilizers because it has no roots. It doesn’t need nutrients, so it doesn’t matter if the soil is barren.

Soil Aeration

Soil compaction makes it difficult for water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass. Aeration solves this problem by loosening up the soil.

Soil aeration typically costs between $50-$100 per treatment, depending on the size of the area. So if you have a large yard, you might have to spend $500 or more each year for the service!

Artificial grass does not need soil aeration because it’ll still look great even if the soil under it is rock solid.

Save a Lot of Money With Artificial Turf in San Antonio, TX

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