Whether you’re developing a new swimming pool or upgrading an old one, you can’t go wrong with using high-quality synthetic grass in San Antonio for its surrounds. Not only does it make the perfect lawn achievable, but it also offers advantages that even the most well-kept, natural grass cannot match.

Why Artificial Grass is the Ideal Swimming Pool Surrounds

Synthetic turf is more than just an alternative to natural grass. It’s a versatile, ground covering option that takes your overall pool experience to the next level. Enjoy these long-term benefits when you choose artificial grass for your swimming pool surrounds:

  • Soft, Durable Surround Surface

Textured tiles and concrete are not gentle on wet, vulnerable skin. Swimming pool users who often hoist themselves up on these types of pool surrounds know this. Most get cuts and scrapes from the rough surface. This is not a danger with synthetic turf’s soft grass blades.

  • Less Risk of Slips and Falls

Unlike smooth concrete and tiles, artificial turf doesn’t get slippery when it gets wet. This significantly reduces the risk of slipping, falling and other accidents around the swimming pool.

  • Stays Pristine and Green for Years

Natural grass pool surrounds can be a nightmare to maintain. There’s a risk of drowning it with overflow from the pool. You may need to apply weed and pest control solutions to keep it in top condition —toxic solutions that may seep into your pool. These are not a problem with synthetic turf, which stays lush and green with minimal upkeep for years.

  • No More Grass Clippings

Synthetic grass in San Antonio doesn’t require mowing to look fresh, so you can say goodbye to getting grass clippings and lawn-related residual waste in your pool.

Creative Landscaping Tips for Pool Surrounds

Artificial grass looks and feels like the real thing, so you don’t have to worry about getting synthetic-looking pool surrounds. Consider these landscaping options to achieve a gorgeous pool area:

  • Mix synthetic turf designs to create visual interest. It’s the simplest way to add variety to your swimming pool surrounds. Use artificial grass options with colors, textures and heights that accentuate each other.
  • Invest in artificial grass for pets in San Antonio for doggy pools. Give your canine companions a green, slip-free surface to stay on after taking a swim in their pool. Choose a pet-friendly turf type to ensure it’s gentle on the paws.
  • Decorate the pool area with plants. Integrate hardy succulents, flowering perennials, evergreen shrubs and other flora into your pool area. If you want to plant something close to the synthetic turf, consult with your turf installer.
  • Achieve a specific aesthetic with thoughtful décor. Be selective of your plant choices and furnishing options. For instance, opt for banana trees, agaves, bird-of-paradise plants and similar plants for a tropical ambiance. Add a comfy hammock to complete the look.

Upgrade Your Pool Area with Safe, Stunning and Sustainable Surrounds

Choose synthetic turf over natural grass for your pool covers. Not only does it provide a soft, durable, slip-free surface for swimming pool users, but it’s also an extremely versatile landscaping fixture. There’s almost no limit to what you can do with artificial grass in terms of design.

For professional installation solutions, customized landscaping services and high-quality artificial grass in San Antonio, TX, look no further than San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros. Our synthetic turf comes with these amazing advantages:

• Realistic grass designs

• Proprietary drainage system

• Top-quality infill

• Weather resistance

• Non-toxic and non-allergenic

• Up to 15 years warranty

We look forward to helping you turn your dream pool area into a reality. Call us now at 726-900-7198 or complete this form to request a quote.