A backyard putting green in San Antonio, TX is a welcome addition to your property, especially if you are an avid golfer. It lets you practice your putting skills, test out golf strategies and host friendly competitions without leaving the comfort of your home. Just remember to consider these factors to create the perfect residential green!

What to Consider When Creating Artificial Putting Greens

Why settle for a simple strip when synthetic turf is versatile enough to accommodate the wildest golf course layouts? Feel free to get creative with your putting green design. Just make sure to consider these factors during the planning stage to create the best arrangement possible:

Size of the putting green

The size of your putting green depends on its intended location. If you’re building your course in your yard, take note of the exact dimensions. Then, determine if the green will take up the entire area or just a portion of it.

Keep in mind that the size of your course will determine the complexity of the design, which, in turn, will affect the installation cost of the project.

The topography of the place

Consider the natural geography of your putting green’s intended location.  Is it completely flat, or does it feature slopes, steep inclines and other forms of uneven elevation? If it’s the latter, integrate the current topography into your design to add variety to your putting green.

The number of holes

A putting green with artificial turf in San Antonio, TX can have one or more holes.  Not sure how many holes are best for your course? Consider the size of your putting green. If it’s small, a single hole will do to help you improve your putting skills. Otherwise, it’s best to add multiple holes to your green so that you can practice more complicated techniques.

Traps and obstacles

Traps and obstacles are what turn putting greens into exciting, competition-level courses, so don’t forget to add some in your design. Create sand bunkers, water hazards and other obstacles to your layout. Ask your expert installers for their recommendations based on your location’s size and topography.

Installation cost

Once all the details of your putting green in San Antonio, TX are in place, ask your expert synthetic turf installers for a rundown of your project’s costs. Make sure the total falls within your budget. Otherwise, consider revising your plan.

If your initial design is out of budget, you may resize your green or eliminate some of the upgrades and customizations you have in place. You may also install it indoors instead of outdoors, such as in a basement recreation room.

Set Yourself Up for Years of Convenient Tee Times

Invest in top-quality artificial grass in San Antonio, TX for your putting green from San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros. Not only will it mimic the ball roll quality found in competitive courses, but it’ll also stay pristine with minimal maintenance. Our synthetic turf products also feature these fantastic benefits:

• Incredible durability

• Weather-resistance

• Dirt-free and allergen-free

• Proprietary drainage

• Up to 15 years of warranty

Let San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros turn your dream putting green design into a reality. Call us now at 726-900-7198 for inquiries!