Autumn is the perfect time to spend quality time with your family and friends. And what better place to host get-togethers and activities than your yard, especially if you covered it with synthetic grass in San Antonio?

Artificial turf doesn’t just look and feel like real grass. It’s also weather resistant, more durable and easier to maintain, especially if you have these tools, so you can count on it to stay in great shape throughout the season. If you’re ready to make memories on your synthetic lawn, here are some ideas to help you get started:

Beanbag Toss

Nothing says “fun in the fall” like a beanbag toss game! All you need is some space (and maybe some friends) and you’re good to go. Just set up two teams with both teams standing about five feet apart from one another.

Each team will stand on opposite ends of the yard and throw their beanbags towards the other team’s goal line. The first team to get all of their beanbags in wins.

Don’t worry about the beanbags flattening parts of your synthetic lawn. The blades of synthetic grass in San Antonio will just spring up once you lift the beanbags off them.

Potato Sack Race

If you’re looking for a more active activity than beanbag toss, try potato sack racing. To play this game, divide your group into two teams and line them up at opposite ends of the yard with each team’s sack placed at its starting point.

Once everyone is ready, give them all a head start before releasing them towards the finish line—the first person on each team to cross wins.

Artificial grass can withstand the weight of hopping people on its surface. So you won’t spot any damaged turf on your lawn after the game.

Yard Picnic

What could be more fun than relaxing on a blanket that has a spread of delicious food while enjoying the crisp autumn air?

Having a picnic on your artificial grass beats having one on natural turf. Ants and other bugs avoid synthetic turf because they can’t find food or shelter from it. So you won’t spot any critters crawling on your food. It’s also easy to clean food spills from artificial turf in San Antonio, TX.

Backyard Campout

Getting cozy under a blanket around a campfire is always an option during this time of year. But why not make it even better by doing it on an artificial lawn instead?

Your synthetic grass will keep all of those pesky bugs away from biting at your ankles. It’s also soft and comfortable to lie on. You can set up your tent on it or just lie on top of it with your sleeping bag and enjoy the night sky.

If your heart is set on a campfire, make sure you create one with some distance from your artificial grass. Synthetic grass won’t catch fire, but it can melt from extreme heat.

Keep Your Lawn Ready for Fall Get-Togethers With Artificial Grass San Antonio, TX

Autumn is a great time to spend some quality time outdoors with family and friends. And you can count on San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros to help you turn your yard into the perfect hangout spot with synthetic grass.

We can help you set up an artificial lawn that’s sure to keep things fun this season and beyond. Choose from our top-notch artificial grass products and rely on our expert installation services to transform your yard in no time. Send us a message online or call us at 726-900-7198 today!