Grass stains on your dogs’ fur are signs of joy (for them) and stress (for you). They mean that your dogs had fun rolling around on your natural lawn and it’s up to you to get those marks off their coats. The great news is that there’s a way to keep your pups’ coats stain-free without banning them from your lawn. You just have to install artificial grass for pets in San Antonio in your yard.

Why Does Grass Leave Stains?

Grass stains are a lot like dye stains, which is why they’re so hard to get out.The reason grass stains are so hard to get out is that the green chlorophyll and compounds of xanthophylls and carotenoids in the grass are organic pigments or dyes. These pigments transfer to absorbent materials that come in contact with them, like cotton and fur.When these dyes transfer, they can be difficult to remove because they bond tightly with the fur.

Are Grass Stains on Fur Dangerous for Dogs?

Grass stains won’t make your dog sick. But they can make their coat look ugly, especially if their fur is white or any other light color.

The grass will stain the fur and make it look dirty, which is not a good look for dogs that have white hair. Dogs with darker fur can get stains on their coats as well, but they will not be as noticeable.

How Does Artificial Grass Keeps Dogs Stain-Free

Artificial grass for pets in San Antonio doesn’t contain chlorophyll or any other pigment that might stick to your dog’s fur. Its color has been sealed into its synthetic fibers so that no matter how much your pups roll around in it, the color won’t come off onto their fur.

In short, your dogs will stay clean and stain-free no matter how much they roll around artificial grass.

More Hygiene Benefits of Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial grass is dirt-free, which means it won’t turn muddy when it rains. So your dogs can play outside even when it’s rainy without tracking mud in the house.

Moreover, synthetic grass in San Antonio also has great drainage, so pee puddles don’t form on its surface. This helps keep your dogs from stepping on urine or getting stains on their fur.

You can rinse, wash and scrub artificial grass as much as you want because it’s synthetic. It won’t break down over time like natural grass. That means you can ensure your synthetic lawn is always clean and fresh for your dogs to play on.

Keeping the turf clean will not just keep germs to a minimum. It will also discourage pests from sticking around your yard.

Stop Dealing With Grass Stains on Fur When You Install Artificial Turf in San Antonio, TX in Your Yard

Here at San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros, we can help you find and install the perfect pet-friendly synthetic turf in your yard. You can be sure that we’ll use turf that’s safe for your pets. Just let our team know how you want your installation to turn out. We’ll handle the rest. Contact us online or call us at 726-900-7198 to get started!