Most avid golfers who have a synthetic putting green in San Antonio, TX in their backyard want for nothing. Their course offers the same play quality as tournament-level courses, looks and feels like the real thing and is a breeze to maintain. The only thing that could possibly detract from their golf experience is the putting green’s lack of variety—but even that is easy to fix with creative obstacles.

Challenging Obstacles for Residential Putting Greens

Variety is the key to keeping things interesting in set play spaces like a backyard putting green. Adding obstacles is the best way to add variety to the green without making drastic changes in its landscape. It forces long-time players to think outside the box and stop relying on tried-and-tested techniques to win.

Ready to make your golf games more exciting? Get inspired by these awesome obstacles for putting greens:

    • Paths

      Integrate paths into your putting green to encourage direction-based strategies. You don’t have to invest in wooden planks or metal sheets from the hardware shop for this obstacle. Any long material you have at home that’s thick or high enough to stop golf balls, such as pool noodles, will do. With a defined path on your synthetic grass in San Antonio, players will be forced to consider how it’ll affect their putts carefully.


    • Tunnels

      How you incorporate tunnels into your putting green will depend on how long you plan to keep them. If you plan to make them a permanent part of your course, then consider forming them out of sturdy pipes or hollow berms to ensure their weather resistance. Otherwise, stick to DIY-ing tunnels from cardboard boxes or any other flexible material you have on hand.


    • Other Areas of Your Yard

      Not all areas of your yard are conducive for golf play. Why not extend your putting green in San Antonio, TX to such locations to make it more challenging? Golf balls move differently on hardscaped surfaces like patios, which can force players to adjust their putts.

      If you simply want to expand your course, consider making a carpet from the same type of synthetic turf. Use it to make hardscaped areas more suitable for golf games. Talk to your artificial grass installers to learn more about your options.



  • Outdoor Décor

    There’s no rule that limits your obstacle options to golf fixtures. Feel free to use whatever outdoor furnishing or décor you have on hand to up the difficulty level of your putting green. You can use everything from rocks and flower pots to a bench and a birdbath. Make sure to return everything you used once you’re done to keep tripping hazards in your putting green to a minimum.

Keep Your Golf Skills Sharp by Upping Your Putting Green’s Difficulty

Once you start making perfect putts on your putting green, start spicing up your course. Get inspired by these clever challenges or come up with obstacles that can keep you on your toes when you play.

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