Whether your pathway is a quick walk from your front door to your mailbox or you’re looking to build a long path around your yard, your choice of materials can be the difference between an easy stroll and a difficult one.

Ready to get started with your pathway refresh? Here are some of our top picks for artificial grass in San Antonio, TX!

  • 1. Gravel + Artificial Grass

    This is a low-maintenance and affordable option that goes really well with synthetic lawns. It also takes no time at all to install and maintain.

    Gravel’s crunchy texture underfoot complements soft artificial grass beautifully. In terms of aesthetics, gravel and turf are perfect if you’re going for a rustic vibe for your yard!

  • 2. Flagstone + Artificial Grass

    A favorite among landscapers, flagstone is durable and attractive. The material makes your pathway easy to spot, but it’s not too difficult to put in place. It also works well on a patio or anywhere there needs to be some additional footing on your property.

    In tandem with artificial grass for pets and San Antonio yards, flagstone looks sophisticated and goes well with most types of home architecture.

  • 3. Brick + Artificial Grass

    Bricks are a classic pathway material and aren’t going anywhere. They work well for your driveway, your walkway or your patio; if you need something to stand the test of time, this is your choice.

    This type of hardscape is also wonderful against synthetic grass. This is another rustic combination that looks elegant at the same time.

  • 4. Wooden Boardwalk + Artificial Grass

    If your yard is large, a wooden boardwalk can dramatically highlight your pathways. Wood is a classic material that never fails to stand out.

    This type of pathway gives your yard an old-timey feel; it also complements synthetic grass very well. Although it can be more expensive than the aforementioned options, wooden boardwalks can really last your family for many years to come.

  • 5. Concrete + Artificial Grass

    Modern concrete comes in many colors and textures. You can get one that looks like stone, pavers or brick at a much lower price point. Additionally, it’s easy to maintain concrete, just like artificial grass in San Antonio, TX!

    This type of pathway is ideal for your yard, patio or your driveway. No matter where you place your new concrete path, it will be easy to find and the color will complement your grass.

Popular Pathway Designs for Your Synthetic Lawn

  • Curved Pathway

    A curved pathway provides a less direct route to your destination. This offers your guests some variety and can even lead them on an exploration through your backyard. Do note that it is also more challenging to maintain than a straight, broad pathway.

  • Straight Pathway

    A straight pathway provides your guests a direct route to your destination. Easy to care for and great if you’re more of a minimalist!

  • Circular Pathway

    A circular pathway is a unique choice and offers your guests a way to your backyard without obstructing your view. It can also make your outdoor space feel more organized and sectioned-off.

  • T-Shaped Pathway

    A pathway that branches off into two pathways is called a ‘T-shaped’ pathway. It’s a great way to lead your guests into different sections of your yard. For instance, one end can lead to the pool area, while the other into your outdoor kitchen. Both paths commonly begin at your front door.

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