A lot of people still think that having a backyard putting green in San Antonio, TX is an expensive luxury. In contrast, not having a private green to practice on can cost you big time, especially if you’re passionate about the sport or planning to play more competitively. A backyard golf green provides a wonderful compromise between the two.

Perks of a Backyard Putting Green

From 24/7 access and more, here are some advantages of installing a putting green on your property:

  • Practice your shots anytime.

Leave the car in the garage, walk out your yard, and start practicing those hole-in-ones anytime you want! Tee off during the weekend, for a half hour between errands, or all day long if you’d like. All that’s between you and your driving range is your back door.

  • Reap the savings.

How much does a day at the golfing range cost you? Typical expenses are gas for driving, meals on site, not to mention the time and effort you need to exert just to practice your swings. With artificial turf in San Antonio, TX, you can save money while enjoying golf to the fullest.

  • Share the game.

From time to time, playing a game with other people makes golf so much more fun. Invite friends over for some friendly competition or go all out and make it a full backyard party. If you have little ones in the family, you can also share your love of the sport with them. Who knows, there might be a budding golfer just waiting to be discovered!

On top of these, another popular reason for putting greens among San Antonio homeowners is the high level of customizability and versatility that artificial turf offers.

Your Play Style, Your Design

Having a private putting green means all you need to think about is your golfing satisfaction. Feel free to customize your green however you want!

Practice those hard putts on a long and narrow green, or go for a unique design that incorporates various difficulty levels. Your local installer can add several holes, a sandpit, water features, and anything else you need to polish your game.

Select Your Ideal Size

How big you want your putting green to be is entirely up to you. An experienced artificial grass installer will help you make the most of your space.

Only have a small area to spare? Don’t worry – it can be adjusted to accommodate your short game. If you have more square footage, you can also create a putting paradise complete with obstacles, traps, long putts, and short putts. While the size of your lawn does play a role in the final putting green, you don’t have to be limited by it.

Let’s get your golf green rolling!

Excited for your new backyard addition? San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros can design putting greens of all shapes, sizes, and customizations – tell us what you want, and we’re on it!

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