Dogs love playing on the grass, but it can spell trouble for their coat. Natural grass attracts insects, pollen, burrs, and other dangers that can damage their fur and lead to health problems. Create a fun play space for your pet that’s free of these risks by upgrading your lawn with realistic artificial grass in San Antonio, TX.

How Synthetic Turf Protects Your Dog’s Coat

A dog’s coat keeps them comfortable and provides an extra layer of protection. Unfortunately, real grass contains hidden hazards that can threaten your canine’s fur.

If your dog keeps having coat issues after playing in your yard, it’s time to consider switching to artificial grass. Here’s how synthetic turf helps keep their coat healthy:

  • No More Grass Stains

Rolling around on the grass, especially on a freshly mowed lawn, can leave unsightly green streaks on your dog. Prevent grass stains for good with artificial grass. Not only does it eliminate the need for mowing and trimming, but it also doesn’t stain or release color no matter how hard your dog plays on it.

  • No More Pest Infestations

Real grass harbors a multitude of insects like ticks, fleas, grubs and beetles that can quickly infest your dog’s coat. They can trigger skin-harming behaviors like excessive scratching that can cause patches of fur to fall out. At worst, these pests can penetrate the skin and lead to serious problems like vomiting, lethargy and blood disease.

Pet-friendly artificial grass for pets in San Antonio doesn’t offer shelter and food to insects, so your dog won’t come in contact with these pests after spending time outside. The absence of pests eliminates the need to apply toxic pesticides, removing the risk of exposing your dog to dangerous chemicals.

  • No More Allergies

Much like it does with people, pollen can also trigger allergic reactions in dogs. This can result in dermatitis and fur loss along with excessive scratching, biting and clawing of affected areas. The risk is exceptionally high in freshly mowed lawns.

Some pet owners think that keeping their dogs off the grass will solve the allergy issue, but pollen can travel through the air and into the home. The most practical way to eliminate grass-related allergens is to get rid of its source. Switch from a natural lawn to a synthetic one. Install artificial grass in your yard to remove the presence of pollens and allow your dog to frolic without triggering allergic reactions.

  • No More Objects Getting Tangled in the Fur

Grass seeds, fox tails and burrs in natural grass instantly cling to fur upon contact, which may lead to several problems when they’re not removed immediately. Not only do these barbed seeds cause tight tangles in the fur, but they can also work their way into your dog’s eyes, ears, mouth and even in the bloodstream. They can be hard to find due to their size.

Replacing your lawn with popular synthetic grass in San Antonio eradicates the presence of these spiky seeds, so your dog can freely explore without harming their fur.

Keep Pets Safe and Happy with Artificial Grass!

High-quality, realistic artificial grass in San Antonio, TX is an excellent choice for pet owners who want to give their dogs the best outdoor play space possible. Are you ready to make the switch? You can reach your San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros at 726-900-7198 for inquiries and other details of your project —Call now!