Grass issues have plagued Texas lawn owners for decades. Most of them are caused by the state’s sub-tropical climate, which makes it increasingly difficult to grow grass evenly. Fortunately, achieving a picture-perfect, issue-free lawn nowadays is as easy as switching to artificial grass in San Antonio, TX!

Lawn Issues Solved by Synthetic Turf

Artificial grass is not alive, so it doesn’t need regular watering, weeding, fertilizing and mowing to stay in top condition. You can place it on any surface, uneven or otherwise, and rest assured that it’ll stay as pristine as the day of its installation. Invest in synthetic grass for a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn that’s free of the following issues:

• Uneven Lawn Color

Are some spots of your lawn greener than others? Take note of the amount of sunlight the differing areas receive. Those that get abundant sunlight are often greener than those in shaded areas. Hence, it can be difficult to ensure consistent color throughout your lawn if it integrates plants, trees and structures like pavilions.

Take off uneven color from your lawn-related concerns permanently when you invest in synthetic grass in San Antonio. It stays the same shade of green all throughout, no matter where you install it. High-quality artificial grass is also UV-treated to stave off the sun’s radiation, which often causes color fading in synthetic materials.

• Weed Infestations

Weeds thrive in live lawns. They also suck the nutrients in the soil and take up space that are essential for healthy grass growth. There are two ways to deal with them: get rid of them manually or apply toxic weedicides that may have detrimental effects on the environment.

Nip weed infestations in the bud when you switch to synthetic grass. Before laying down the turf, expert installers apply commercial weed control chemicals to the area. They also incorporate a weed barrier into the installation to further prevent weed growth.

• Pests

Natural lawns are the perfect home for many pests. Their fertile soil makes them a great place to live, hunt, breed and nest in for grubs, ants, worms, yellow jackets, fleas, ticks and other insects. Once these insects settle, animals that eat them, such as moles and gophers, often move in soon after.

Artificial grass in San Antonio, TX doesn’t offer the right living conditions for these pests. It’s made of plastic and other synthetic materials, so it can’t provide food and shelter for insects. If burrowing pests still decide to make a home in your lawn, rest assured that synthetic turf is tough enough to withstand their attempts to dig.

• Lawn Diseases

Mushrooms aren’t the only type of fungi that can grow on your lawn. Given the right conditions, fungal diseases can also leave unsightly spots and interfere with the turf’s ability to process nutrients. Some of them can ruin huge areas in a matter of days if left untreated.

Since it’s not alive, synthetic turf is impervious to lawn diseases. It also mitigates fungi growth by serving as a layer of protection on the soil.

Have a Hassle-Free Lawn with Synthetic Grass

Render these frustrating issues irrelevant by investing in top-quality artificial turf in San Antonio, TX. Not only will it simplify your grass upkeep routine, but it’ll also give you a pristine, evergreen landscape throughout the year.

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