Contrary to popular belief, synthetic turf is seldom installed solely for its aesthetic value. Most users choose it for its practicality. Regular artificial grass is eco-friendlier, more cost-efficient, and easier to maintain compared to its natural counterpart—and these are just the average synthetic turfs! Consider the advantages that come with using the leading artificial grass in San Antonio, TX.

How Synthetic Turf Enhances Lawn Experience

Here’s how the finest artificial grass enhances the lawn experience of not only its users but also its caretakers:

  • Eliminates Excess Water Efficiently

With synthetic turf, you never have to worry about unsightly puddles and muddy lawn portions ever again! Most artificial lawns feature:

    • A layer of special infill that promotes drainage
    • A porous lining that automatically absorbs moistures from the surface
    • A built-in drainage system that helps the moisture seep into the soil and aquifer below

The infill and drainage system may vary depending on the turf type, but its ability to get rid of excess water would always be the same.

  • Holds Up Well Against the Elements
    Extreme weather conditions are not lawn care concerns for synthetic lawn owners—and, it’s not just because artificial grass isn’t alive. Synthetic turf is designed to endure the harshest climates. Getting exposed to high heat won’t discolor its grass blades and being submerged in water won’t affect its composition. Likewise, snow has little to no impact on artificial turf. The biggest risk is freezing, which is easily fixed by waiting for the grass to melt.
  • Improves the Safety of Outdoor Spaces for Children
    Synthetic turf makes surfaces safer for play by:
    • Providing extra padding on the floor
    • Reducing the risks of scrapes and bruising with soft grass blades
    • Eliminating the need for toxic lawn solutions
    These are the reasons most playgrounds are covered with artificial grass.
  • Offers a Pet-Proof, but Pet-Friendly Lawn Solution
    • Lawn damage due to pet waste
    • Lawn damage due to boisterous play and digging
    • Toxic lawn solutions harming your pet
    • Post-romp cleanups (e.g., bathing your pet, cleaning up muddy paw prints, etc.)
  • Levels Up Recreational Areas
    Synthetic turf is ideal for outdoor recreational areas such as tennis courts, golf courses, and patio surfaces. Not only is it resistant to wear and tear, but it can also endure high volumes of traffic without getting damaged.
  • Minimizes Lawn Upkeep
    Artificial grass doesn’t need most of the things real grass requires to thrive. Use it to cover your grounds, and you’ll automatically take these tasks off your lawn care and maintenance routine:
    • Watering the grass
    • Weeding the lawn regularly
    • Sweeping the lawn every day
    • Keeping the grass short via mowing or trimming
    • Applying chemical solutions to improve soil quality, deter pests, and manage weeds
    • Removing leaves, twigs, garbage, and other debris from the lawn
    • Hosing off the turf to eliminate dirt, small debris, and unpleasant odors
    • Brushing the grass with a soft rake frequently
  • Cuts Lawn Care Expenses
    Installation is arguably the only costly part of keeping a synthetic lawn. Once the job is done, you don’t need to spend much to keep it in top condition. You don’t need to set aside funds for:
    • water consumption for lawn irrigation
    • electric consumption for lawn equipment
    • soil tests
    • fertilizers
    • herbicides
    • pest control solutions
    • periodic landscaping updates
    • professional lawn care assistance

Level Up Your Lawn with the Finest Synthetic Grass

Let San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros handle your synthetic turf needs. It doesn’t matter if your yard is already turfed with natural grass or vacant of any vegetation. Our expert grass installers will have it fitted with the appropriate drainage system, equipped with the right infill, and covered with your artificial grass of choice before your projected deadline.

Trust the installer of the leading artificial grass in San Antonio, TX with your synthetic lawn setup. Call us today at 956-628-4120. Let us help you turn your artificial project into a reality!