It’s hard to believe that a beautiful lawn can take so little work, but that’s exactly what you get with artificial turf in San Antonio, TX! The moment you make the switch, you can say goodbye to all those dreaded maintenance chores. No more mowing, cutting, fertilizing, watering twice a day, reseeding and many other tasks that leave very little time to enjoy your outdoor space.

Just like any investment, however, your new synthetic lawn does need a bit of care from time to time. This maintains the lush, flawless looks of your yard, plus ensures that it lasts for many years without issues.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to sacrifice an entire weekend or two just to maintain your synthetic lawn— even the busiest owners can easily pull off these simple ways to maintain turf!

How to Maintain Your Synthetic Turf

A little goes a long way when it comes to caring for artificial grass in San Antonio, TX. Some light maintenance work once a month will save you tons of effort and time at the end of the year. It will also ensure that your lawn looks perfect every single day.

Keep the following turf care tips in mind:

  • Brush the fibers out.

Artificial grass blades are very durable, and they bounce back after use. Over time, however, heavy use will lead to a slight flattening of the lawn surface. This doesn’t mean your turf has been damaged— it’s a natural result of normal wear.

Return those turf blades to their original upright position by brushing them using a natural, stiff bristle broom. Don’t use metal bristles since this can damage the fibers. Be sure to brush the lawn in different directions to keep the pile upright and looking natural.

Additionally, pay special attention to areas of your lawn that receive higher amounts of foot traffic, since these spots may start to look trampled over time. Brushing your lawn may seem like such a simple maintenance task, but it makes such a big difference in how turf looks and feels!

  • Remove debris ASAP.

You’ll deal with less debris once you switch to synthetic grass in San Antonio. In case some do make it onto your lawn, such as wayward leaves, twigs and other types of debris, pick it up as soon as you can. This reduces the chances of trash piling up on your lawn and getting in the way of the drainage. Don’t have time to do it ASAP? It’s okay to do it when you have free time – just make sure you don’t let too much debris accumulate in your yard.

  • Rinse out stains immediately.

Artificial grass is made of resistant material which allows you to remove stains and marks quickly. Just like any surface, however, it’s best to remove stains to prevent them from setting and damaging the surface. You don’t need harsh chemicals for the job— in case of stains, rinse out the spot with hot soapy water. Use some mineral spirits and cloth to take out oil marks. For pet waste, use heavily-dilute detergents and warm water to clean the area and get odors out.

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