As many homeowners are finding out, artificial grass for pets in San Antonio is suitable for both you and your dogs. It can withstand heavy wear from playing with your dog in the yard. There is no need to worry about muddy paws and unwanted stains. It doesn’t need constant tending to stay looking green and fresh, plus it’s so easy to clean! You only need to follow a few steps to keep your artificial grass the best it can be.

How to Maintain Synthetic Grass for Pets

Because of the material used for synthetic grass, it is much easier to clean and disinfect compared to a traditional lawn. This makes it less likely for bacteria and odors to build up, which in turn makes it safer for your pets and the entire family. The instructions below will show you just how easy it is to keep your turf in excellent condition:

    • Brush the Turf to Remove Dirt and DebrisThe simplest way to keep your lawn pristine is to pick up debris as soon as you see it. You should also follow a regular brushing schedule to keep your lawn looking lush.

      When removing visible debris from the surface of synthetic grass in San Antonio, it is essential to use cleaning tools that will not damage it. You can use a non-metal rake or a broom when sweeping the turf. You may also use a soft-bristled brush if that’s what you have readily available.

      If there are spots where the synthetic grass has been flattened, simply sweep or brush against the grain. Remember not to exert too much force when cleaning or brushing.


    • Rinse turf with a garden hose When using artificial grass for pets in San Antonio, some pet stains can get challenging to remove. When this happens, you can mix in a pint of water with a tablespoon of detergent to pour on the problematic area.

      Rinse it straight away to avoid any weathering on your artificial lawn. Hosing down the entire yard will get rid of any lingering debris and odors. It also gets rid of any remaining detergent. Remember, this is an area where your dog spends time in. Hence, it is essential to be mindful of leaving any potentially harmful residue.


  • Spray disinfecting solution when necessaryIt is a good idea to disinfect artificial turf from time to time. However, it should be done more often and more deliberately in your dog’s assigned bathroom area.

    There are many options available when it comes to disinfecting artificial grass in San Antonio, TX. Pet owners who want to avoid using chemicals can use a ½ vinegar, ½ water solution. This natural solution helps kill bacteria and remove any lingering odors. Simply spray the solution over the area you want to disinfect. You may use a spray bottle to cover a small space. If you are spraying the entire lawn, you may use a hose-end sprayer attached to a garden hose.

    Alternatively, there are antimicrobial turf cleaners commercially available. Use those according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Enjoy a Clean, Pet-Friendly Backyard with Artificial Grass

Synthetic grass is easy to install and maintain even with an energetic dog running up and down the yard every day. San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros can help you transform your yard into a pet-friendly landscape that you and your family will enjoy too! Call 726-900-7198 today to customize your synthetic turf to you and your dog’s needs.