A well-maintained synthetic putting green can make a huge difference in the consistency of your practice. If you’re used to having a natural lawn, however, you may not be familiar with how to take care of artificial grass in San Antonio TX. Allow us to break down the maintenance and upkeep process for you!

How often should you clean a synthetic putting green?

Typically, it is recommended to clean a synthetic putting green every three months if you are using your course for daily practice.

If you have children or pets at home who use your synthetic lawn as a playground, then cleaning and maintaining turf more often will be necessary in order to keep it looking fresh and green.

What do you need to maintain a backyard putting green?

Not much and definitely no special equipment or chemicals are necessary to keep your putting green in top shape. Generally, you’ll need the following to maintain synthetic turf products:

  • A broom or rake with soft plastic bristles
  • A water hose
  • Cleaning detergents for spills and stains
  • A trash bag for debris


  • Vacuum
  • Leaf blower
  • Weed control solution

How to Maintain a Synthetic Putting Green

  • 1. Keep your synthetic green clean by removing debris and dirt with a broom, vacuum or leaf blower.

    It’s perfectly fine to vacuum synthetic grass in San Antonio, as long as the vacuum is on low setting so that it doesn’t rip the fibers or cause them to come loose from the backing.

    If you’re using a leaf blower to clean your green, make sure to move in straight lines, back and forth. Otherwise, you’ll be blowing debris back into the surface. As for sweeping the turf, make sure your broom has synthetic or plastic bristles because metal ones can damage the fibers.

  • 2. Remove any leaves or other organic matter that have fallen onto the turf.

    This is important because any organic matter will decompose and release acids into the turf, which can cause damage over time. They can also attract pests, create foul smells and introduce harmful bacteria into your lawn.

    To remove them from your putting green, just rake them up or pick them up with your hands.

  • 3. Use a hose to remove dirt build-up from the surface.

    This should be done every few months, depending on how much use your putting green has had in that time frame. You’ll want a hose with a good nozzle or sprayer head so that it can reach every corner of the green without over-saturating it.

  • 4. Pull out weeds growing through the artificial turf fibers.

    While artificial turf in San Antonio TX is extremely weed resistant, some stubborn varieties can make their way through the backing. Simply pull them out or apply weed control treatment if you wish.

  • When you are pulling weeds, make sure to get as much of the root out. This reduces the chances of regrowth.

  • 5. Remove stains caused by food, drinks and other liquids by using an appropriate cleaning solution for synthetics.

    For stains caused by organic materials, use soap diluted with water. To get rid of oil and grease from synthetic grass, use an appropriate cleaning product for the type of material that has been spilled on it. Not sure if a specific cleaning solution is safe to use on your putting green? Feel free to call us for help!

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