The fastest way dogs can destroy your lawn is by digging. It only takes a few minutes for them to tear apart turf and turn your yard into an excavation site. Teaching your dogs to stop can take a while. Fortunately, there’s a way to keep your dogs from digging up your lawn immediately. Just install artificial turf in San Antonio, TX!

Why Do Dogs Dig Yards?

Digging gets rid of energy, which is why many dogs will dig when they’re anxious or bored. It also helps with their digestion, so if your dogs have been eating something that doesn’t agree with them, they might begin to dig.

If it’s hot out, your dogs might start digging to create a cool spot to rest on. Upturned soil is usually cooler than turf and topsoil.

Dogs also like to dig because it’s fun! They like to play in the dirt and feel the cool earth between their paws. It’s also a way for them to explore their environment, so if there are new things in your yard (like a bush), your dog may try to get at it by digging around it.

How Does Digging Damage Yards?

If your dogs are diggers, you’re probably familiar with these sights around your yard:

Ruined Plants

When dogs dig in the ground, they damage plants and turf by pulling them out of the ground. This causes roots to break, which can kill or harm the plant.

Unsightly Holes

Dogs often leave ugly craters after digging. They might refill them if they want to hide something in them. But if they dug up dirt in search of something or to make a cool nap spot, they’ll probably leave their excavation sites as is.

Displaced Soil

When dogs dig, they tend to send grass and dirt flying everywhere. If a lot of plants surround the dig spot, it could be hard to gather and return the soil. Moreover, if the displaced soil is fertilized or treated by chemicals, it could affect the areas they land in.

Mud Spots

Digging loosens dirt, and loose dirt turns to mud faster than compacted soil. That means that dug-up areas will turn into mud zones when it rains. That will turn your yard mud into an unsightly, slippery mess.

How Does Artificial Turf in San Antonio, TX Dig-Proof Yards?

Artificial grass is made of durable materials, such as nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Its fibers are so dense and close-knit that dogs can’t dig through them. They won’t break or warp from the pressure.

Moreover, synthetic turf for pets and putting green in San Antonio, TX is sturdy but flexible. So, if your dogs try to dig through it, the grass blades will bend when they put their weight on them, but they’ll spring upright again once the weight is gone.

The areas that your dogs often try to dig through can stay flat, but that’s nothing to worry about. You can make them stand again by pushing them up with a broom or plastic brush.

Pet-Proof Yards With Pet-Friendly Synthetic Grass in San Antonio

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