The pool area is one of the most important amenities you can offer to guests at your hotel or resort. With so many people using it every day, however, maintaining real grass around the area can drain both your resources and time. Worse, it can turn your once-beautiful pool into a muddy, weed-choked eyesore.

In contrast, artificial turf in San Antonio, TX is an excellent alternative to natural grass for commercial pool surrounds.

For instance, it’s impervious to water, so even if the pool overflows, there’s no danger of the turf drowning or dying. It neither needs trimming to look good nor chemicals to stay in top condition, so there’s also no risk of dirt, grass blades and chemicals contaminating the pool. Finally, it stays green all year round, giving you a pristine and easy to maintain pool area at your resort or hotel!

Because of this, you can focus on giving your guests the best pool experience in town. Try these awesome ideas!

3 Pool Surround Ideas for Hotels and Resorts

Make the most of artificial grass’s versatility! Go beyond just covering your poolside areas with green synthetic turf. Here are some creative design ideas you can try:

  • 1. Go for the pond ecosystem aesthetic.

    The great thing about artificial grass is that you can apply it on just about any surface. You can place it on top of dirt, wood, concrete, cement and more. This means there’s nothing stopping you from transforming your hotel or resort’s swimming pool into a beautiful, nature-inspired swimming pond.

    Integrate miniature rock formations around your pool to mimic a pond, but be careful not to go overboard and make the pool inaccessible. Place a combination of tall and short pile artificial grass near the formations. Got big rock features? Place extra short synthetic turf on top of some of them. Choose one that looks like moss to achieve that pond aesthetic.

  • 2. Pad up that pool deck.

    Is your hotel’s poolside area made up solely of a deck? Spruce it up with synthetic grass! You can cover the deck entirely with the beautiful green grass or cover up only a portion of it.

    If you’re going for the latter, here are some ideas:

    • Carpet only the area of the deck with chairs, tables and other furniture.
    • Install synthetic turf only in the areas beside the swimming pool.
    • Use the synthetic turf to mark out “paths” on the pool deck.

    Installing synthetic turf on top of a pool deck doesn’t just make it more visually appealing and easier to maintain. It also makes the area safer.

    Thanks to the effective drainage system of artificial grass, it doesn’t stay wet for long, so it’s never slippery. If a guest does slip or fall on its surface, the risk for bruises, scrapes and other injuries is minimal. Finally, synthetic turf is soft and comes with impact-reducing padding.

  • 3. Level up poolside amenities.

    If your resort pool features a slide or diving board, think about covering its floor with artificial grass in San Antonio, TX. It’ll make the area safer for enthusiastic visitors. Don’t worry; your artificial grass won’t get damaged under heavy poolside equipment.

    In particular, artificial grass is extremely durable. It can accommodate heavy furniture and items on top of enduring foot traffic as well as daily wear and tear. Synthetic turf also goes well with most poolside equipment, so feel free to upgrade your pool space however you want!

Get Started with Commercial Artificial Turf in San Antonio, TX!

Whether you need it for the pool or any other part of your establishment, artificial grass is a fantastic investment in every way. It makes your venue look well-maintained without all the demanding and expensive maintenance requirements of grass. It’s also an easy way to add premium amenities like an in-house putting green in San Antonio, TX. Finally, you can also execute any design using synthetic turf, making it easy to express your brand through your landscape.

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