Artificial turf in San Antonio, TX can be a great investment for anyone who dislikes or doesn’t have time for laborious and time-consuming lawn care.

It’s far easier to keep an artificial grass lawn in perfect shape, since it removes almost everything you need to do to maintain real grass. This includes mowing, weeding and fertilizing. Gone is reseeding, watering and trimming as well. Hate winterizing or spring cleaning your backyard? Say goodbye to it the moment our installers arrive!

While taking care of synthetic grass in San Antonio is already a breeze, there are some tools that simplify maintenance and upkeep even more:

    • 1. A leaf blower with an adjustable velocity setting for Artificial Turf

      This tool will make it easy to spot clean your lawn, as well as blow fallen leaves and debris away from the surface of the grass until they can be collected or swept up later.

    • 2. A leaf rake with synthetic/plastic bristles

      This is a simple, inexpensive tool that will help you remove leaves from your synthetic lawn. A folding option with detachable heads makes it easy to store in the garage when not in use or while you are adding more features to your synthetic grass area.

      Get one with a sturdy handle and soft plastic tines that will lift the grass blades to remove dirt, sand or other debris from between them without tearing away at your lawn’s surface fibers.

    • 3. Watering wand attached to a garden hose

      Make sure it has an adjustable sprayer head for gentle watering. This tool is perfect for getting deep into the grass blades and also for rinsing off all kinds of dirt that might get stuck in between fibers.

    • 4. Long handled dust pan for Artificial Turf

      Ideally, get one with a wide mouth so you can easily sweep dirt and debris into the trash container. This tool can also be used on artificial turf for removing larger pieces of fallen leaves or pet waste.

    • 5. Vacuum cleaner

      This tool will help you get deep down into the grass blades and is a great option for picking up small debris like twigs. As with other tools on this list, make sure to pick one that has an adjustable velocity setting so you can use it easily in your synthetic lawn without damaging fibers or tearing them from their backing.

    • 6. Manual push broom

      This tool is perfect for small jobs and one with plastic or synthetic bristles are less likely to damage or lift up your turf. Use it on dry artificial grass that’s free of large debris like leaves or twigs, as wet dirt might stick in between tines.

    • 7. A pressure washer with adjustable spray nozzle settings

      This tool is an efficient way to clean your lawn on a larger scale. Ensure you are using clean water in this machine, as well as only purchasing chemicals that do not contain bleach for use on artificial grass fibers. Synthetic turf should never be exposed to chlorine-based cleaners which can cause fading or discoloration of the grass.

      To pressure wash your synthetic lawn, turn the nozzle to a gentle setting and direct the spray onto the desired area. If there are any stubborn stains, use a scrub brush to gently rub them out before rinsing off with fresh water.

      When you have finished pressure washing your lawn, it is important to hose down all areas of dirt and debris so they do not become ground into the grass fibers or stuck in the backing.

This list of tools will make it easy to maintain any synthetic installation, from backyards and San Antonio playgrounds to pet runs and putting green in San Antonio, TX.

However, you may still benefit from consulting with our local artificial grass professionals for more advice on cleaning and maintaining your artificial turf area.

In addition to providing top-quality installation services, we can also help you choose the best products for use in any particular situation or season.

Artificial Turf in San Antonio, TX: The Easiest Way to Enjoy the Perfect Lawn!

Maintaining a synthetic lawn

In all, synthetic lawns are a great option for homeowners who don’t have the time or desire to mow, weed and fertilize their grass.

Maintaining a synthetic lawn is also much easier on your body because you won’t be bending over repeatedly with a heavy push reel mower or lugging around bags of fertilizer.

If this sounds like an ideal solution for you, we’d love to talk.

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