It’s hard to keep your natural lawn pristine without making it off-limits for your dog. In fact, many pet owners eventually choose to give up instead of trying to keep up with all the damage their dogs cause in the backyard. Here’s some great news— all of those are an easy fix with artificial turf in San Antonio, TX. In particular, synthetic turf is the most effective way to solve three of the biggest backyard problems that pet owners face.

Solve These 3 Backyard Issues with Pet Artificial Grass

It seems like the only thing dogs love more than playing in the yard is destroying it. However, your furry friend is not the problem— natural grass is. It’s simply too fragile to withstand the antics of a happy and energetic canine.

Switch to synthetic turf and you’ll never have to deal with the following problems again:

  • ● Ugly, dangerous holes all over your backyard

    Dogs dig for many reasons, such as creating a cool spot to take a nap in, pursuing an enticing scent or burying prized bones. It’s fun for them, but destructive to a natural lawn. Not only will it create unsightly holes, but also slopes and tripping hazards.

    Artificial grass in San Antonio, TX is built to withstand the most determined paws. In other words, your dog won’t be able to dig through turf’s extremely durable backing.

    At worst, it may get matted under persistent digging, but that’s easy to fix. Simply comb the disheveled area with a plastic brush to help the fibers stand up. Also, pet-friendly synthetic turf is soft, so don’t worry about it being harsh on naughty paws.

  • ● Dead, brown or bare patches due to dog urine burn.

    Dog urine has a tendency to literally burn grass due to its high nitrogen content. There’s no permanent way to fix the issue as long as you have a natural lawn. Some interventions would involve:

    • Testing the soil’s pH level of your canine’s favorite bathroom spots and applying the necessary fertilizer to revitalize it
    • Reseeding all affected areas and trying to grow grass again
    • Giving your dog supplements to reduce the nitrogen content of their urine
    • Preventing them from going potty on your yard in the first place

    Unfortunately, most of these are not sustainable or simply prove to be too much hassle for the average pet owner. In contrast, quality artificial turf in San Antonio, TX is 100% immune to urine damage. If your canine pees on it, just rinse the affected area. It’ll stay green and lush no matter how many times or how often your dog pees on it.

  • ● Foul odors

    It’s easier to keep a synthetic yard stink-free versus a natural lawn. For one, there’s no soil or mud to trap urine, feces and bacteria on an artificial lawn. Synthetic grass also has much better drainage than natural grass, which means waste will simply pass through it instead of accumulating underneath the surface.

    In addition, you can invest in a deodorizing infill to further neutralize any lingering odor on your synthetic lawn. Finally, high-quality artificial grass also has antibacterial properties, which contributes to its odor-fighting capabilities and easier maintenance and upkeep.

Pet-Proof Your Yard the Dog-Friendly Way with Artificial Grass!

Turn your yard into a haven for both you and your pup with top-quality synthetic grass! Don’t settle for anything less than synthetic turf that’s easy to maintain, paw-friendly, durable, realistic, non-toxic and weather-resistant.

San Antonio Artificial Grass can help you with whatever type of dog run you have in mind. Aside from pet-friendly installations, you can also count on us for your synthetic residential and commercial landscape, play space and putting green in San Antonio, TX. Call us today at 408-317-0931 or send us a message here to get started!