Dogs love playing on grass-covered yards. However, their idea of fun typically spells disaster for lawns, as their digging, rolling and running can destroy landscapes. Besides, most lawns tend to hide hazards for dogs. Find the perfect solution to these problems in expertly installed artificial grass for pets in San Antonio.

Dog Care Concerns and Pet-Induced Problems Solved by Artificial Grass

Pet care and yard maintenance will become a breeze when you install synthetic turf. Here are some of the dog hazards and pet-induced problems common in live lawns that artificial grass can solve for good:

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      Natural lawns need pesticides, weedicides and other solutions to stay in top shape.
      These chemicals tend to linger on the turf days after application. Dogs that frolic and roll around on treated grass face a huge risk of getting sick.


      Artificial turf in San Antonio, TX eliminates this health hazard for good because it doesn’t need chemical solutions to thrive. None of its upkeep tasks (e.g., regular sweeping, frequent rinsing and occasional brushing) pose a risk to canines.


    • Canine Coat Problems


      Unsightly green stains, tick and flea infestations, and grass seeds that can cause skin irritation—these are some of the fur-related issues that synthetic grass can solve.


      Digging, rolling and other pet antics can’t break the sturdy turf, so there’s no chance of grass blades getting stuck on your dog’s coat. Likewise, the risk of your canine suffering from a pest infestation is slim because artificial grass is inhospitable to critters. Finally, since it’s synthetic, the turf doesn’t produce pointy seeds that latch onto fur, burrow under the skin and cause irritation.


      Also, you’ll never have to deal with dirt-streaked and mud-soaked fur again when you invest in artificial grass for pets in San Antonio. It covers the ground completely, so there’s no exposed soil and your yard won’t get muddy after rain.

      Let your canines experience the joys of playing out on a lush, wet lawn without worries of them tracking dirt and mud indoors.


    • Landscape Issues


      Pet urine can burn grass due to its high acid content. It’s why your dog’s favorite grass-covered pee spots tend to turn brown over time. Synthetic turf does not share the same vulnerability. Even if you fail to rinse off urine from its surface, artificial grass won’t wither due to the acidic moisture.


      Upturned turf will also become a thing of the past when you invest in synthetic turf, as even the most determined diggers can’t punch a hole through the sturdy material. The artificial grass fibers may get bent from the pressure, but that’s nothing a good brushing can’t reverse. Simply comb against the grain to fix flattened turf.


Spend More Time Having Fun With Your Dog With Artificial Grass

To get the most out of pet-friendly artificial turf in San Antonio, TX, have it installed by professionals. Aside from making sure that the installation is seamless and issue-free, synthetic grass experts can also recommend and apply upgrades for your petscape.

For instance, if your yard is home to persistent types of weeds, turf installers can fit your installation with a weed suppressant membrane. Meanwhile, if you want additional measures against odors caused by pet waste, your installation team may integrate a deodorizing infill into your yard.

Ready to turn your yard into a low-maintenance, lifelike pet paradise? Call San Antonio Artificial Grass Pros today at 726-900-7198 for top-notch synthetic turf options, landscaping solutions and installation services.